Stay at Home Less Boring and More Productive 

DukaGuru Indonesia is currently experiencing an emergency period, all walks of life are struggling against the dangerous Covid-19. The government also gives an appeals for people to implement physical distancing when they are in public areas, and carry out all activities at home, or stay at home. This is done to reduce the spread of Covid-19.

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Maybe for some introverts, staying at home is a fun activity. Especially with the convenience of technology, this activity should be even more fun. Well, for those of you who don’t usually stay at home and are afraid of being bored, you can try some of these alternative activities

1. Rearrange the Apartment

Rearranging apartments can be one of the productive activities you can do while staying at home. There’s nothing wrong with deep cleaning the apartment while changing the interior arrangement so that the apartment atmosphere is fresher. Wash all bed linen, pillowcases, and blankets, and also clean the corners that are usually untouched.

The Pacific Garden apartment has been furnished with modern furniture, but you can add other decorations to make the apartment atmosphere more lively. Add ornamental plants or aromatherapy that can bring a new atmosphere to your home.

2. Reading a long-overdue book

Be productive while working from home by reading long overdue books. Surely you have a list of books that have been read for a long time but never finished. You can use this to finish your long-overdue reading. Or maybe you have the resolution to finish some books, and haven’t done it yet? Try to choose the most interesting book from the list, then read it while relaxing and drinking tea or coffee. 

3. Sports Stay at Home

Sport is an activity that you must do while staying at home. Why is that? Because exercise is very good for increasing your body’s immunity. The body will also feel more fit and fit after exercise. You can try yoga which can help improve breathing techniques so that your respiratory organs become healthier.

Don’t like yoga? Try it in the morning after waking up you do a jog around the complex. You can jog while basking in the morning sun which is highly recommended as one of the Covid-19 prevention measures. Not only that, jogging in the sun can make the body get the best vitamin D from the sun. It is recommended to jog while sunbathing between 10:00 am to 3:00 pm.

4. Stream TV series or movies 

Watching is one of the most effective activities while staying at home. Because many cinemas are closed during this time, as well as many films whose broadcast schedules have been postponed, you can switch to streaming TV Series or movies on Netflix, Viu, and various streaming. portal streaming provides a large number of TV series and films whose quality is not inferior to wide-screen films.

5. Learn to Cook 

If usually Stay at Home, your daily menu is the result of buying at a warung, canteen, or delivery service, now you can take advantage of your time at home by learning to cook. Boy or girl, you can cook! Try opening a cooking video on Youtube that provides meal prep healthy Usually the technique they use is relatively easy, just grilled, steamed, or stir-fried. Learning to cook meal prep can also be your provision to save on monthly expenses in the future. Fun, right?

You can do all the productive activities above not only during the Covid-19 pandemic but in the long term. The above activities are very good for both physical and mental health. Especially if later the Pacific Garden Apartment has been launched. lifestyle stylish of urban communities.

the swimming pool, fitness center, and jogging track facilities at the Alam Sutera Apartment as a means of exercising on weekends, or during your free time. while streaming series and movies become more fun with the fast internet network provided by Pacific Garden Campus Town @Alam Sutera.

If you are tired of reading books in the apartment, you can move the room to the reading lounge which is designed as a reading room for you bookworms. You can also use this reading room as a place for discussion about books that are being hyped read

So, if you have to stay in an apartment for some reason, you don’t have to worry about what to do anymore. 

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