How to Be a Good Stay-at-home mom for the Family

DukaGuru The job of taking care of the house and family is not an easy task. This is inseparable from the role of a Stay-at-home mom in the family.

As a woman who dedicates all her time to her family at home. Stay-at-home moms always have a smart way to fousoster harmonious relationships between family members, even making the atmosphere of the house a comfortable place to live.

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For stay-at-home mom who wants to know how to be a good Stay-at-home mom for the family, there is no need to worry because this time has summarized the explanation.

Check out the information this time, Mom!

1. Responsible for the house and its contents 

Responsible for the house and its contents 

Being a Stay-at-home mom requires special skills, especially the ability to organize and organize time. Cleaning the house to prep

are for all the needs of the husband and children is a daily routine that is carried out regularly.

Without these skills, you can become overwhelmed and easily stressed. In the end, this will affect your condition because you often nag and make the atmosphere at homeless harmonious.

You need to be in control of everything that happens at home. Therefore, make systematic planning and time management.

At night, use the time well so that you can arrange what things have to be done tomorrow. For example, getting up early, making breakfast for the family, preparing the husband’s work equipment, caring for and accompanying children to study, then being able to clean the house.

Everything must have a clear time division, so stay-at-home mom can know when to take a break.

2. Cooking healthy and nutritious food for the family

 Cooking healthy and nutritious food for the family

Mom, cooking is a very fun activity. Make sure stay-at-home mom cooks and prepares nutritious food by applying the 4 healthy 5 perfect elements.

If you are not an expert Stay-at-home mom in cooking, there is no need to worry because you can slowly learn to apply various easy recipes from cooking books or websites. Try to try various recipes so that your husband and children don’t get bored easily.

Make a breakfast menu that is practical, but filling and nutritious. The reason is, that breakfast can provide nutritional intake which will later be useful for carrying out daily activities.

For lunch, Stay-at-home moms can combine carbohydrates, side dishes that are high in protein, green vegetables, and fruit. Meanwhile, at dinner, avoid avoiding fatty and spicy foods because they are difficult for the body to digest. This type of food will also disrupt the quality of sleep.

Serving delicious and nutritious dishes is a form of attention and affection from Stay-at-home mom for her beloved family. 

3. Expressing and expressing love for family

stay at home parent

Never hesitate to express your love for your family. Nothing wrong with giving hugs or kisses to your husband and children.

Keep in mind that the love from Stay-at-home moms will make a family feel that home is the safest and most comfortable place in the world.

In addition, a Stay-at-home mom can also occasionally establish communication relationships with all family members at home. Maintaining good communication and always being open need to be applied.

Express every complaint and concern in stay-at-home mom heart and mind, if there are any. Express those feelings at the right time and in the right way.

4. Give your husband a little space 

Doing activities with family is good, but husbands also need space for themselves. The reason is, that being too dependent on your husband can make the relationship unhealthy.

Let your husband do his favorite hobby or activity when he has free time. In addition, do not forbid your husband to gather and socialize with old friends or coworkers. As long as it is following the portion that has been discussed together.

Remember Ma, giving your husband space does not mean ignoring him or seeming indifferent. Let your husband invest his time, while a Stay-at-home mom can be a good listener.

Listen to all the stories about his fun activities with enthusiasm. Don’t forget to give support and appreciation for every positive activity your husband does.

5. Spending time with children 

stay home mom

Making time for children is also necessary. Guide them to do their schoolwork. In addition, teach children about positive things that will be useful for their future.

Ask about any difficulties your child has at school. Stay-at-home mom just needs to understand and listen to it without judging. That way the child will feel comfortable and trusting, so he can be more open and often express his heart to parents or other family members at home.

Also, try to spend quality time with your family on the weekends. Take your cell phones and other electronic devices away for a moment. Do fun and positive things, like find a new hobby or just do homework together.

6. Overcome household conflicts wisely and patiently 

Overcome household conflicts wisely and patiently 

Quarrels are unavoidable in domestic life. Differences of opinion between family members can trigger conflicts that can make the relationship disharmonious. What should mom do like a good stay-at-home mom?

Remember, stay-at-home mom must be wise and patient. Don’t let emotions rule your heart and mind. Avoid harsh words that can make the atmosphere hotter. mom as much as possible mediates when there is a conflict in the household. It can also be a good example for children.

7. Manage spending money and family finances well 

stay at home Manage spending money and family finances well

As a Stay-at-home mom, avoid wasteful habits. Use the money given by your husband as effectively and efficiently as possible for all household needs. Here, Mama has to be smart about managing finances and being frugal.

Use the shopping money according to the needs of Stay-at-home mom and each family member. Also, record the income received each month and make notes related to various expenses. Don’t forget to set aside a little for saving and investing too.

In addition, Stay-at-home mom can also try to add additional income through small businesses. There is nothing wrong with running a home business with small capital, but it is suitable for Stay-at-home mom. For example, making various handicrafts, and opening catering services to an online shop.

Well, that are 7 ways to be a good stay-at-home mom for the family at home. Hopefully, this information can be a reminder that can help and inspire you. 

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