How to be a good Stay-at-home mom

DukaGuru Are you new to being a stay-at-home mom or maybe you are preparing to start a family? This article will explain to you the ways that can assist you in creating the perfect home and fostering a harmonious relationship with your husband. 

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A. Doing Your Tasks at Home 

1. Cooking (healthy) food. 

Cooking healthy and nutritious food for the family

Strive to provide healthy food to keep the whole family in top shape, and to keep yourself healthy and strong (so you can face all the challenges in your daily life!). If you can’t cook yet, learn to cook!

Make a plan, so that when your husband comes home from work, you have served delicious food on the dining table. It is often heard that the way to win a man’s heart is through his stomach, and this sentence is true! Food served from a reheating machine is not good food, so find a cookbook and start trying it.

 Serving delicious food is a great way to let your husband understand that you always care about him and care about his needs. Good food is an expression of love and a warm welcome to your partner when your husband gets home

2. Keep the house as clean as possible. 

Do your best to make your home a clean and pleasant place to live. A clean home can reduce stress and make things run more smoothly. Don’t always have to look for keys because you put them carelessly, and don’t let the smell of dirty dishes disturb your comfort just because you like to delay doing your chores at home. 

3. Wash clothes.

Responsible for the house and its contents 

Washing clothes is a stressful and time-consuming task, and if you delay it, your house will smell bad! If you want to help your husband reduce his stress, try to keep the clothes of all the members of your family clean at all times. With good planning, you can manage your work schedule easily. You can also ask your kids for help folding clothes!

4. Schedule.


Imagine yourself as a general and all your family members are his troops. You have to be able to keep things running smoothly! Set a schedule for when you have to do laundry and other activities throughout the day to make things better. Having a work schedule can help you to complete more tasks throughout the day because, without a work schedule, a lot of time is wasted! 

5. Wake up earlier. 

Wake up earlier. 

Start your day early so things can run more smoothly. Too much sleep will only make you tired more easily. By getting up early you can prepare breakfast for each member of your family, get dressed, and be ready to go without the stress and hassle of searching for a lost backpack. 

6. Create a healthy environment. 

Everyone in your family should be able to find a healthy, encouraging, and upbuilding living environment when they return home. Do your best to ensure that their individual spiritual and emotional needs are met, including your own, by making your home the best possible place to live. 

B. Nurturing Your Relationship 

Discuss your expectations with your husband. Discuss realistic expectations, and what is the best you can do. Don’t assume that you both have the same expectations because you may have to face difficult circumstances (through an argument) because what you expected turned out to be different. Sit down with your husband and discuss it together.

The definition of a good stay-at-home mom depends on the situation you live in and is largely determined by your cultural background.

What are some things your husband would like you to do at home? What are your husband’s responsibilities at home? If your main responsibility is cleaning the house, your husband should be responsible for taking care of himself: putting his dirty clothes in the basket, putting his dinner plates in the dishwasher, etc.

If you also have to care for your young children throughout the day, you may be surprised at how difficult it is to complete other household tasks. Your husband should also help with cooking and washing clothes as much as possible.

1. Take care of your appearance.

It’s easy to give up appearances once you’re married, but keeping your appearance attractive is a very important factor in maintaining a long-term relationship. Good looks are always important when you’re in a relationship/approach, and even more so in a marriage, or any committed relationship. Make sure that you always shower regularly and wear clean clothes. This habit can show your husband that you always value yourself….and you should respect yourself even more by taking care of yourself!

If your husband often says that he likes you to wear certain clothes or suits, then you should pay attention to this. 

2. Treat your husband as an adult.

Treat your husband as an adult.

Your husband needs to keep things private for him, such as choosing his hobbies, food, clothes, etc. If you’re at home most of the time, you’ll likely want to control everything your husband does around the house, but this may not be what he wants. It’s okay to provide input in a polite way to your husband, and of course, it’s best if your husband asks for your opinion. Otherwise, give your husband the freedom you want. Always remember that your husband is a different person from you. 

3. Listen to your husband. 

A good wife will listen to what her partner has to say without interrupting her. Show empathy and learn how to have fun conversations. The best way to be a fun person to have a conversation with is to try to listen more and talk less while trying to get the other person to tell you more about their interests. It is the epitome of humility, respect, selflessness, and generosity.

This will also be an example of good behavior and your husband should listen to you more! 

4. Find a balance when arguing, 

Overcome household conflicts wisely and patiently 

but avoid arguing whenever possible. Nagging will never do any good, and will only irritate your partner. Without implying that your mindset is bad. Husbands are not cruel creatures: if you can argue in a balanced way, and talk in turns, things will get better. Remember to always respect each other, and things will go more smoothly.

5. Differences of opinion are normal. 

Don’t worry if this happens. You two are different people and sometimes the two of you just can’t agree! Resolve this disagreement healthily and everything will be fine. 

6. Love your partner for who they are.

Love your partner for who they are.

Don’t criticize your husband in a non-constructive, cruel, or grumbling way. However your image of an ‘ideal’ man may be, everyone has their unique way, so try to appreciate it. Before you try to improve other people, improve yourself first. If there are things you don’t agree with your husband about, talk to him about this in a mature, caring, and loving way: your husband may agree with certain things and/or provide explanations about others. it will create mutual trust between the two of you and prevent unnecessary conflict.

C. Do More 

1. Prioritize intimacy. 

Prioritize intimacy. 

Having a healthy sexual relationship is very important for the success of building a long-term relationship. This is not to say that you need to engage in more sexual activity, but that both of you should be satisfied with the intensity and quality of this relationship. Say what you expect from your partner and be the better lover you can be. This will not hurt each other and will help you understand more about the sex life in a marriage.

2. Consider your partner’s needs. 

People need freedom all the time. While you have time to yourself throughout the day (while the kids are at school or sleeping), your husband doesn’t have this opportunity so he may just need some time to himself after returning home and enjoying some rest after a hard day. Make time to be with him and make him feel comfortable, but if your husband wants to enjoy his time off alone or with his friends instead of with you, give your husband a chance to do so.

Help your husband rest more comfortably by welcoming him home with a big smile and giving him a chance to relax. Prepare his favorite food and drink, and let your husband rest after facing a hard day’s work. 

3. Prepare activities for your children

stay at home parent 

Set up fun activities while educating your children or involving the whole family. You can do some research and then go on a guided tour of the museum, or you can take them up a mountain and teach them about the natural sciences you understand. 

4. Be a great hostess

Show everyone that you understand what it means to work hard by throwing a house party for the neighbors on your block or occasional vacations. Make delicious food, decorate your home, and prepare for fun events. This fast will bring people closer to each other and be able to enjoy special moments! 

5. Create the perfect atmosphere

stay at home parent

If you want to achieve something more extraordinary, you can change your home decor to a cool style so that you can get a more pleasant atmosphere in your home. This change will make you and your husband a proud home, and create a fun atmosphere for your children. 

6. Allow your husband to be active outside the home

Encourage your husband to organize activities for himself, such as joining a ball club or bowling at night. This will help him to rest. A happy husband will not stress his wife. Let your husband choose his activities, and of course, you should make sure your husband knows that you think it would be good for him to spend some time outside the home. Don’t let your life revolve around work! 

D. Keeping You Excited

1. Do activities outside the home regularly. 

It’s easy to get caught up in work so you don’t leave the house all day long. There is a good recipe for those who are grieving. Do activities (a library is a great place) so that you can get out of the house at least once a day. If you’ve been so busy during the day that you realize you haven’t had time to leave the house yet, go for a walk, visit a bookstore or coffee shop for half an hour, or invite a friend over for tea.

2. Be friends. 

This seems like just a matter of course, doesn’t it? stay-at-home mom can get so busy that they forget to make time for their friends and maintain these social relationships. If you create an environment where your husband is your only friend, you will be the one to talk too much to your husband! Catch up with your friends (for lunch or a weekly get-together) so that both of you can stay happy.  

3. Do your hobby. 

gardening mom

You should also do activities that make you happy. Having activities that you do alone allows you to do something productive or creative without involving your family. This activity will be a very useful emotional channel. Try doing a productive hobby like sewing or cooking. 

4. Consider continuing education.

Just because you don’t have to have a degree for your job, doesn’t mean you don’t need a better education! Learning is fun and will make you more productive and confident. You don’t even have to come to school. You can read a lot of books (find them at your local library!) or you can take courses for free by studying through websites like Coursera.

5. Consider working part-time

There are tons of jobs you can do from home if you have free time. This job will allow you to contribute to your household needs and also allow you to have something to be proud of! You can open a pet daycare, do jobs like data entry or open a travel agency. There are many options available!

6. Let the family pay attention to you once in a while. 

You’ve worked hard and your family needs to be able to help lighten your load sometimes. They may naturally be willing to help you, but you can choose a day of the month when they do all the work you normally do. This will make them appreciate what you do more.


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