Jobs For Stay-At-Home Mom That Make Money

Dukaguru Jobs for stay-at-home mom that make money – When a woman decides to marry she must follow the good words of her husband. Sometimes the husband forbids his wife to work, thus making the wife sometimes stay at home.

When a woman has a husband who wants to have a career and can make his own money, the hope for that career cannot be realized because of a decision from the husband that requires his wife to stay at home. Don’t worry because, in this modern era, there are many jobs for housewives that can be done at home and can make money.

There are a lot of jobs for stay-at-home mom, and since I grew up and often travel to cities, I’ve become more and more likely to see mothers who can be successful just by working at home.

If you know, there are many models of housewife jobs that make money. You can make money just by typing, drawing, making crafts, selling things, and much more.

Of the many models of work that can be done at home, we should be able to take advantage of when we are late at home and confused about what to do, especially for stay-at-home mom who are newly married and do not have children.

Instead of being bored and not doing positive things, it would be better if we do something that can be done at home so that it can help the economy and can earn our own money.

By earning our own money

we don’t have to wait for our husbands to pay when we need money. We can use the money from the work done at home to meet needs that may not be covered with the husband’s money.

You can also use the money to buy skincare or food you like. Some parents say that early marriage is a financially unstable test. So, therefore, to be financially stable and kissable, mothers can look for work that can be done without leaving the house.

On this occasion, the admin will discuss various jobs for housewives that make money without having to leave the house. Come on, see my article this time to the bottom, okay?
Jobs for stay-at-home mom that make money without capital

Reseller/Dropshipper For stay-at-home mom

ResellersBeing a dropshipper or reseller is not useless or unprofitable. Now it’s no stranger to mothers at home while selling online. Today, many successful people only have pictures, they take pictures of things and edit them in such a way that they attract more attention.

Thus many people are interested and want to buy these items. Becoming a reseller or dropshipper does not require capital, look for a supplier who is willing to cooperate and does not require you to buy the goods.

How to get suppliers?

You can get suppliers from well-known marketplaces, such as Shopee, Bukalapak, Tokopedia, and others. How to find out that the store is a supplier is very easy, try checking whether the store provides Gojek instant delivery services or not. If it supports the delivery of Gojek, he is certainly the supplier.

Or you can also help your friends or neighbors who are struggling to grow their businesses. Get involved in selling, even if it’s hard at first. I’m sure, when you are serious and diligent, success will surely come.

Use media such as Twitter, Instagram, marketplace (Tokopedia, Shoppe, Bukalapak, etc.), Facebook, to promote merchandise. Don’t forget to learn digital marketing so that sales can increase quickly.

Sell ​​food

Stay-at-home mom are not far away whose name is cooking. So, use your cooking skills to make food that is interesting and unique, and has a delicious taste, so you can sell the food and make a lot of profit.

If you are in the business of selling this food, you can start selling it in front of your house, or you can go virtual, such as selling via Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, and other online media.

Don’t forget if you are sure your cooking is delicious. Register a store on Gofood, Grab food, Shopee food, so that sales can increase, the store becomes famous, so you can get more profits.

Making Crafts

If you have expertise in making crafts, then I suggest focusing on working as a unique craft maker so that it has high selling power. Make crafts as good as possible and try to market using local marketplaces such as Tokopedia, Bukalapak, Shopee, Facebook, etc.

If you are sure, try to market your products to international markets by utilizing international marketplaces such as Alibaba. Making this craft is also a side business for housewives in my village. Even the sellers have arrived in various big cities in Indonesia.

Thesis or Assignment Jockey

If you have a bachelor’s degree or have more knowledge about campus life, and have high intelligence. Offering a thesis jockey or college assignment is not impossible. When you offer thesis jockey services or college assignments, try to be in the same field as your major in college.

Why is that, because so you know the conditions and a good understanding of the tasks you will be doing.

Opening Private Lessons for stay-at-home mom

Opening private lessons what I mean here is opening private lessons at home, not the caller. Opening private lessons at home can get more benefits, you know. First, you can earn extra income. Second, you can dig up more knowledge. Third, you can better understand the character of children so that when you have children, you can educate them appropriately and intelligently.
Creating a Blog or Vlog
Try to create a blog or vlog about your hobbies or interests. You can create a blog by using media such as or WordPress. And if you are interested in making vlogs, you can use media such as Youtube, Instagram, Twitter, Tiktok, and other social media.

No need to think about heavy content, just make content about your daily life. Example: the content of preparing lunch for your husband, delicious food ideas for your husband, or others.

Don’t forget to learn about SEO and digital marketing, so you can get views or visitors to your content.

Social media admin

stay at home mom

If you have expertise in managing social media accounts, try to find or offer social media management services, because, in my opinion, there are still many companies or restaurants who are unfamiliar with the importance of managing social media.

You can use social media to find a job or market the job.
Types of Social Media That Can Help You Make Money
17. And many more

The types of social media that can be used to make money above are only a small part that I know of, there are still other media that I have not listed because of my lack of knowledge. If you have additional suggestions, you can comment below.


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